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What Color is Bear's Underwear?

The ever-popular Bear of Bear in Underwear returns in a fun new board-book format for the younger Bear fan. What’s Bear to do? There are seven days in a week, and Bear has seven different pair of underwear! Should he wear the red ones, the green, or the blue? How about the polka-dotted pair? Whatever pair Bear chooses, red, or blue or white, one thing is certain: wearing underwear is DYN-O-MITE!

Bear is the perfect pal for encouraging boys and girls to ditch their diapers and wear underwear. And with Bear’s help, they also learn to name colors and the days of the week.

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CJ Educations has teamed up with Blue Apple Books for the What Color is Bear's Underwear? app, which received the Parent's Choice Fun Award. Parent's Choice said the following:

"What Color is Bear's Underwear? is perfect for any child who happens to be learning his colors and days of the week while finishing potty training. Children search for bear's underwear in a handful of brightly illustrated, simple scenes. They choose the right color, which varies by day, and put the underwear on bear. Usually Bear wears them where they belong, though there are mishaps; Tuesday's blue pair lands on his head.

For young ones just becoming adjusted to 'big kid' underwear, Bear's search for the right pair of underwear makes for a giggle-worthy story time choice. An activity and coloring page reinforce the color-learning lesson."

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Around the neighborhood with DwellStudio:

DwellStudio’s newest lift-the-flap board book takes a stylish tour of five different neighborhood locations: firehouse, grocery store, library, pizzeria, and hardware store. Young readers will lift the flaps and discover what’s inside each building: from a fire truck and hose in the firehouse to books and chairs in the library to pizza pies and napkins at the pizzeria.


Good Morning, Toucan

DwellStudio's newest additions to its line of modern books for modern babies are perfect for putting little ones to sleep and welcoming a brand new day. In Good Morning, Toucan, flaps reveal rainforest creatures rising with the sun. Good Morning, Toucan is a charming companion to Goodnight, Owl.


Goodnight, Owl

DwellStudio's newest additions to its line of modern books for modern babies are perfect for putting little ones to sleep and welcoming a brand new day.

In Goodnight, Owl, kids lift the flaps to see Owl saying goodnight to his woodland friends. Goodnight, Owl is a charming companion to Good Morning, Toucan.


Kitty in Squares

DwellStudio adds an inventive new finger puppet format to its line of best-selling books. Created from Dwell's distinctive and playful designs, Kitty in Squares will delight and engage babies and toddlers with hours of fun.


Puppy in Circles

DwellStudio adds an inventive new finger puppet format to its line of best-selling books. Created from Dwell's distinctive and playful designs, Puppy in Circles will delight and engage babies and toddlers with hours of fun.

Dwell Go Cvr


Go features a train, helicopter, and even a great big blimp.



Color & Count Placemats

DwellStudio's exquisite designs are featured in full color on the front of each placemat, so kids can count and learn. On the reverse side, black-and-white illustrations invite them to color.


Touch & Feel Zoo

Touch & Feel Zoo, DwellStudio's chic companion to the best-selling Touch & Feel Farm and Touch & Feel Town, is the newest addition to the DwellStudio line of modern books for modern babies.

Kids will talk to the animals as they take a trip to the zoo, touching and feeling a bear, lizard, elephant, zebra, seal, and penguin.

Dwell Eat Cvr


Appetizing apples, bananas, and oranges fill the sturdy pages of Eat, whetting the appetite of young readers everywhere.


Touch & Feel Town

With Touch & Feel Town, babies take a trip through town, touching a taxi, a traffic light, a sidewalk, a tree, and a building.


Furry Friends (Flip-a-Face)

Here's a Flip-a-Face book with a new twist! This time there's an expanded page, so each animal is shown in full and set within an environment. The reader is asked: "How is the cat's face different from the dog's face? What is missing from this face?" Full of interactive fun, this book is a wonderful way to engage toddlers in conversation about faces.

Animals featured: dog, cat, lion, lamb, cow, horse, tiger, fox.


Mommies and Babies

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to this beginning concept board book. In Mommies and Babies, young readers meet baby chick, piglet, kitten, and more.

456 Cover

Count: 4, 5, 6

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to this beginning concept board book. In Count: 4, 5, 6, young readers follow along counting cookies and shoes, hats and cats.



Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to this beginning concept board book. In Zoom, colorful vehicles roll along on two wheels, four wheels, and more.



Beloved illustrator Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to beginning concept board books in Animals.



Beloved illustrator Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to beginning concept board books in Colors.



Beloved illustrator Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to beginning concept board books in 1-2-3.

Can You Moo

Can You Moo?

In Can You Moo?, a pig finger puppet asks animal after animal if each can moo. Along the way, she finds out what sound each animal can make. Simple text, filled with questions and animal sounds, will encourage interaction between parent and child. Bright, lively illustrations from Tanya Roitman will add energy and fun to reading time. Children are sure to be delighted as they learn about animals, sounds, and facial expressions in this interactive puppet book.


Mealtime Rhymes Placemats

SAMi's bright graphic illustrations have made the Flip-a-Face, Flip-a-Shape, and Baby Flip-a-Face series a success, and these thirty-six placemats bring that artwork to the dinner table. Six appealing baby animal faces are accompanied by a host of traditional rhyming texts to make mealtime brighter. On the back of each placemat, the image is repeated in black and white so kids can color it in. So bring out the peanut butter, the jelly, and the crayons!



Dwell Studio adds a beautiful new board book about counting to its distinctive line of books for baby. Using images from their best-selling children’s lines, babies and toddlers will count colorful birds from one to five. The perfect choice for any toddler’s library, this sturdy board book is just the right size – and style – for little hands.


Woof-Woof (Baby Flip-a-Face)

Designed for the newest of newborns, this unique interactive book features black-and-white illustrations that, with a flip of a page, change from one face to another. Babies will associate the “sound” words with the faces they see. Meow – cat; Woof! Woof! – dog.

What Colors Cvr Copy

What Colors?

DwellStudio — famous for its innovative, inspired, and distinctive home décor designs — makes a stunning Blue Apple Books debut with this accordion board book for baby. Using images from their best-selling children’s lines, Dwell invites babies to gaze at a giraffe, a rabbit, or a kangaroo. Babies will coo, and moms will delightfully display these one-of-a-kind books. Bringing up baby... with style!

Touch Feel Farm

Touch & Feel Farm

Famous for its innovative, inspired, and distinctive home-decor designs, DwellStudio adds a tactile element to its best-selling line of children's books with Touch and Feel Farm. Babies will delight in the varied textures of a barn wall, a tractor wheel, and a woolly sheep.

Who Said Moo

Who Said Moo?

This deceptively simple, excitingly illustrated board book is based on a telling theme — that every animal has its own distinct sound. The text is perfectly targeted to the youngest children, who will thoroughly enjoy lifting the flaps and imitating the animals' sounds. The sumptuously colorful illustrations are sure to catch the rapt attention of the smallest child.

Buzzy Lotsand Lots Cvr

Buzzy & Friends: Lots And Lots

Buzzy and his friends are learning what it means to have one, some, many, or lots and lots. Buzzy has some oranges—but after he eats them, there are none. Buzzy has some flowers, and his friend has many flowers, but when they go to a field they find lots and lots of flowers! Emily Bolam's sweet and bright illustrations make this the perfect introduction to words used for groups of objects—an important first math experience.

Look, Babay

Flip-a-Face Cards: Look, Baby!

These twenty cards feature pictures of baby animals that will stimulate and entertain a baby's developing senses. Each image appears on two different cards: in black and white—the first kind of pattern that a baby can see—and in full color. These cards are the perfect tools for playing learning games with babies. Instructions included.


Flip-a-Face Cards: Same? Different?

The twenty mix-and-match cards in this set present faces drawn in SAMi's signature style. Games played with the cards will not only sharpen a baby's visual skills, but will also lead to imaginative play, talking together, and shared smiles. Tips for parents included.

Activity Animals 0899

Flip-a-Shape: Play!

What does a toddler love to do most? Play! In this newest addition to the award-winning Flip-a-Shape series, a robot turns into a jack-in-the-box with one flip of a page. Toddlers will love changing one thing into another as they learn to recognize circles, squares, ovals, triangles, and rectangles.

Big Little

Big Little

This original and inventive book focuses on parts of animals' faces, transforming big owl eyes to little chick eyes, pointy tiger teeth to nibbly mouse teethall with a flip of a die-cut page. These clever and changeable faces will delight both babies and grown-ups alike.

Flip A Colors 1

Colors (flip-a-face)

SAMi's work is graphically bold--and very mysterious! He collects Japanese toys, and his artwork reflects their influence.

Bear Do U Wear Underwear 1

Bear, Do You Wear Underwear?

It's purple boxers for Turtle; Cougar likes his with stripes; and for Hedgie only pink will do. There's only one underwear-eschewing holdout—and he's all wet!

Bear's back with more underwear-inspired silliness in an engaging board book that's a perfect fit for younger kids. And what's a perfect fit for Bear? His dy-no-mite-y tight-whiteies!

Do You Wear... encourages kids transitioning from diapers and pull-ups to big-kid underpants to join Bear and his goofy gang of underwear enthusiasts. Kids will answer "yes!" to this nutty charmer.

Do You Wear Diapers 1

Do You Wear Diapers?

Do You Wear Diapers? invites kids to explore where different animals "go potty" in an engaging, questions-and-answer format. Young readers' potty-training efforts will be reinforced by the repeated questions, "Do you wear diapers?" Kids who wear diapers may be positively encouraged to model themselves after those who don't in this fun, interactive board book.

Do You Have A Tail 1

Do You Have a Tail?

This interactive concept board book is genius-made-simple, inviting kids to identify similarities and differences between animals and themselves. The engaging, question-and-answer format is a proven hit with the youngest readers. Preschool skills are enforced as kids explore which body parts they have in common with the featured animals (eyes, nose, and mouth, for instance) and which parts they don't share with the animals (whiskers, a tail).

Flip A Face 1

Baby Animals (flip-a-face)

Award-winning illustrator SAMi offers a new edition of this best-selling board book, a Child and a Parenting Best Book of the Year. The youngest readers will be captivated by the bold, bright, baby-pleasing renditions of animal faces. Die-cuts allow babies to transform one face into another simply by turning each sturdy page.

Where Is My Baby 1

Where is My Baby?

The appeal of this Blue Apple best seller is both primal and totally charming: mothers need to have their babies within their sight, and babies bloom as i the sun came out when their mothers appear. Here's how it works: a page showing an anxious mama is transformed when a gatefold is turned over to reveal a smiling mother and her animal offspring. The great Simms Taback crafts seven satisfying reunions. 

Peek A Boo Cvr

Peek-A-Boo Who ?

Peek-a-boo, I see . . . a parrot! A rabbit! A frog! This captivating peek-under-the flap book by Caldecott medalist Simms Taback is an evergreen favorite. Taback's bright, oh-so-charming animals and clever, guess-what's-next text make this interactive board book just right for babies and toddlers. Have a peek - or two! See who's peeking back at you!

Dwell Hello Dinosaur

Hello, Dinosaur

This third title in Dwell's series of books with environment-linked animals features dinosaurs. High style meets the practicality of heavy, quality cardstock pages not easily worn, or torn, by enthusiastic pre-readers. This lift-the-flap series - including Goodnight, Owl and Good morning, Toucan - offers learning connections and hands-on fun for "moddlers" (modern toddlers!). Parents can take this well-made book anywhere. A hit with parents with an eye for modern-design-with-kids-in-mind!

Mmm Let's Eat Cvr

Mmm... Let's Eat!

Here's a book that helps younger kids make a connection between great food and the colors they see in their everyday lives. Red trucks and toys at playtime? How about strawberries and squirty cherry tomatoes for a snack? An orange sunset leads into sweet potatoes for dinner and a tangy mango for dessert. With gatefolds that provide a guessing-game mode, it's a fun gateway to better eating. Offering a non-didactic way to open a conversation about good nutrition with a young child - with art that looks good enough to eat! -the book also includes a note by a leading nutritionist about helping kids choose and enjoy great, fresh foods. Mm-mm, good reading and good eating!

Yum Cover

Flip-A-Shape: Yum!

Turn the page and a triangular carrot becomes -flip! - and ice cream cone. Flip the die-cut circle pages and watch an apple become a pizza pie. Watch babies light up as they transform one food-based shape into another simply by turning each sturdy page.

Go Cov

Flip-A-Shape: Go!

Award-winning illustrator SAMi returns with newly upgraded editions of his best-selling board book series. Babies and toddlers will be captivated by the bold, bright, baby-pleasing renderings of a circular bicycle wheel, which with a flip of the page, becomes a hot air balloon, or a square caboose that -flip! - becomes a truck. GO! highlights shapes, colors, vehicles, and other modes of transportation.

Does Tiger Dentist Cvr Rgb

Think About: Does a Tiger Go to the Dentist?

Does a tiger brush and floss?

Does a Wolf get his fangs cleaned?

Who gets the most cavities, people or puppies?

How animals and people use and maintain their teeth is explained in ThinkAbout...title.

Monster Be Good Cvr Lores

Monster Needs One More!

More is better!
Natalie Marshall’s goofy monsters made their debut in a book about monsters and manners—Monster Be Good! This time, it’s monsters and math, as every monster-member of this funny, grumpy, not-too-scary gang counts jelly beans, teddy bears, apples, donuts, toys, and even kisses.
What do they all have in common? They all want ONE MORE!
As each monster gets his wish, kids can chime in with the new number that ONE MORE adds up to.
When the next-to-last monster gets TEN goodnight kisses, ONE mom-ster hug is just enough to cap off this tale of merry monster-math!
Entertaining as it educates, Monster Needs One More! offers a perfect primer for introducing
preschoolers to counting and addition. Who could ask for more?

Hey Baby Cvr Comp

Hey, Baby, It's Time To Come Out!

In this delightful story about the anticipation of a new arrival, Max does everything he can think of to encourage his new sibling to be born. Max is convinced that this baby will never arrive ... until the day finally comes when Daddy takes Mommy to the hospital. Soon-to-be older siblings will be delighted by Max's efforts.

100 Ways Good Grandma Cvr Lr

101 Ways To Be a Good Granny

This book presents a list of all the ways grandmas can be amazing, using directive verbs that are sure to elicit giggles from readers young and old. Examples include "be a chauffeur," "make macaroni and cheese from scratch," "go for manicures," and "dig for clams." There are so many kinds of good grandmas, and this book captures them all!

Peter Panda Pgs Hi Res 1

Peter Panda Melts Down!

Every kid has them, and every parent, or kid-caretaker, has had to deal with them - those meltdown-tantrum-pitching-a-fit moments! Peter Panda has them - when it's time to leave the playground, when some other child has the book he wants, when Mama insists he eat some broccoli. When this happens: Uh-oh. Here it comes. Here comes that frown. Peter Panda melts dowwwnnn! Presented with humor and understanding, Artie Bennett's bright and sprightly story offers a way for children to recognize their own behaviors. Parents and kids can talk about what they see on the pages and gain some insight on how to handle such incidents - including when Mama Panda has a little meltdown of her own!

9781609050191 Copy

Who is Sleeping? Who is Awake? (Flip-a-Face)

A vivid variety of daytime and nighttime furry friends ask: Who's awake at night and sleeping during the day? And who's asleep at night and awake during the day? Turn the page and find the answers! Each animal is shown in full and placed within a bold and colorful environment. Full of interactive fun, this book is a wonderful complement to SAMi's acclaimed Furry Friends.

Animals featured: elephant, hippo, fox, opossum, turtle, skunk, owl.

Does Hippo Cvr Rgb

Does a Hippo Go to the Doctor?

Would a wolf lie on an examining table?

What kind of doctor is best for a cat?

Why does a shot hurt?

A first look at healthcare and going to the doctor is explored in this ThinkAbout...title.

Does Seal Smile Cvr Lr Rgb

Think About: Does a Seal Smile?

How does a chimp say, "Glad to meet you!"?

Does a coyote give a high five?

Who hugs?

The methods and meanings of how humans and animals communicate via facial expressions and body language are examined.

Bab Does An Owl Cvr Rgb

Think About: Does an Owl Wear Eyeglasses?

Does a worm need sunglasses?

Would a goat rather wear, or eat, a pair of glasses?

This latest title in the Think About ...series presents a series of goofy questions about the visual capacity of various animals and equally silly pictures of eyeglass-wearing oysters, owls, monkeys, etc.

Simple, clear explanations about the eyesight of these animals lead into an exploration of why some people need glasses, and other vision-related conditions and products.

Common Core Correlation

(Grades K-1 Informational Text)

  • Asking & answering questions about key details
  • Connection between two pieces of information
  • Relationship between illustrations & the text
  • Reasons an author gives to support points