You Can't Ride A Bicycle To The Moon!

by Harriet Ziefert , illustrated by Amanda Haley

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In You Can't Ride a Bicycle to the Moon, kids will explore the science of the moon, the space race, the craft of spacecraft, living in space, tourists in space, and a lot more!

Information with just the right level of complexity pairs with engaging rhymes to make for a uniquely kid-appealing approach to nonfiction.

What should I eat in space today?

Something that won't float away!

Food that sticks onto a spoon

Is best when dining on the moon.

Learn all about the pioneering dog-stronauts and how technology created for space affects our life on earth. Each section tops off with activities and kick-starting questions that expand a child's understanding of the subject matter and how it applies to the wider world and his or her daily life. Make it personal, make it fun, and science will captivate young readers.

From Space walks, to space garbage, to how to make a peanut butter sandwich in space, kids will want to read the You Can't… books because they are all about THEM.

Science textbooks won't make kids laugh, but with titles like You Can't Ride a Bicycle to the Moon, this acclaimed science-as-entertainment series will!

About The Author/Artist

Harriet Ziefert is an educator, author, publisher, and acclaimed expert in creating dynamic nonfiction that inspires lifelong curiosity and learning skills. She lives far from the moon in South Orange, New Jersey.

Amanda Haley graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Her illustrations can be found on stationery products, greeting cards, wrapping paper, back-to-school items, print ads, magazine articles, and, of course, children's books. She lives in Mathews, Virginia.


Jacketed hardcover

40 Pages

Ages: 4-8 years

Common Core Correlation
  • Connection Between Scientific Ideas (Gr. 2-4)
  • Informational Text Features (Gr. 2-3)
  • Integrate Picture Knowledge to Support Text (Gr. 2-3)
  • Narrative Nonfiction (Gr. 2-4)


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