The Book That Zack Wrote

by Ethan Long




This is the frog… that kissed the fox… that chased the pig…that oinked in the book that Zack wrote. A fresh and funny re-telling of “The House That Jack Built” with a rhyming refrain, a kooky cast of characters and comic-style illustrations. Includes a separate composition book for kids to create their own illustrated story.

Editorial Review

From School Library Journal:

Clever packaging distinguishes this cumulative tale told in the style of “This Is the House That Jack Built.” Long’s retelling takes the form of a student notebook, wherein “Zack” has written and illustrated the type of narrative one might expect from an imaginative but irreverent elementary-age child. It all starts with “the pig that OINKED” and the fox that scares him, continuing through a chain of creatures that kiss, bite, squish, cook, lasso, and kick one another until a giant purple monster (revealed to be Zack himself) eats all of the animals in the sequence before him. A large foldout page depicts his overextended belly, as in “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.” A cardboard and tape cover (unfortunately ill-suited to the rigors of library circulation) and lined pages establish the look of a school notebook. Cartoon figures with sharp teeth and bulging eyes, imperfect crayon marks that go outside the lines, and hand-written text complete the conceit. However, Long’s practiced hand at conveying emotion through body language and at visually directing readers’ eyes across the pages in time with the narrative indicate a more mature artist at work. A removable mini notebook is included with instructions to create one’s own story... –Jayne Damron, Farmington Community Library, MI

About The Author/Artist

Ethan Long grew up in Pennsylvania and attended the Ringling School of Art and Design. His early list of prominent clients included Nickelodeon Studios, Scholastic, Barnes and Noble and Harcourt. Ethan's career then led him into children's books. He also decided to try his hand at an animated television series and created "Tasty Time With ZeFronk!", a short-form animated preschool series currently airing on Playhouse Disney. His work has earned many awards and has been included in the prestigious shows of the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles and the Society of Illustrators New York. Ethan lives in Florida with his wife and three children. The author lives in FL.


For ages 5-8.


USA 11.99 | Canada 12.99

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