Draw with the Cartoon Dude

by Dave Miller

Cartoon Dude



Dave Miller, aka the Cartoon Dude, invites aspiring artists to draw just about everything: from basic shapes to skate boarders, fairy princesses to sea turtles, stegosauruses to robot sharks. With over 250 pages, Miller gives easy, step-by-step instructions and tips for beginning, intermediate, and even advanced artists. On your mark; Get set; Draw!

Editorial Review

Publishers Weekly

Designed to look like an artist’s sketchbook and printed in color, this detailed tutorial demonstrates how to draw by starting with the basic shapes that make up people, faces, animals, and buildings alike. The need for practice is an underlying theme, with one page left blank on each spread for kids to replicate and expand on the ideas Miller puts forth. Templates to draw princesses, skulls, dinosaurs, fantasy creatures, and robots will appeal to a broad audience (along with the mix of realistic, cartoony, and caricatured drawing styles), while Miller’s encouraging tone (“Let’s start building a picture, shall we?”) should inspire confidence.

About The Author/Artist

Dave Miller has been a professional illustrator for more than 20 years and has worked in a variety of artistic disciplines, including comic books, music video, story-boarding, caricatures, and product design. He opened the CBM School of Cartooning and Illustration, which offers classes that focus on showing young artists what is possible with just a pencil and their imaginations.


Paperback. Ages 8 and up.


USA 14.99 | Canada 16.99

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